Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Monster Mash

If you haven't seen this on my sister's blog already, check it out.
She made it and I think it's hilarious, especially my dad with the feather boa.
Enjoy, maybe make one of your family! :D


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

To an Old Friend...

"What is a friend? A single soul in two bodies."
- Aristotle

This is Jillian Strand
-A.K.A. Jill-Jill, Jillster, and my personal favorite, Jilli-O.
Today is her 19th Birthday.
I've known Jill pretty much as long as I've lived in Cedar,
clear back to when we were just wee babes.

"It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson
And boy, have I had some of my most stupidest blond moments with Jill and yet she's stayed friends with me anyways.
I've enjoyed all of our adventures together;
from times in high school, to trips to California.
From all-nighter "sleep"overs with mac & cheese at 3 am,
to the infamous writing of the Quote Book.
Even though our schedules are hard to match up at times, we always pick up right where we left off. She's an amazing friend and I love her :D

Conference Surprise

For my birthday, my family surprised me with a trip to Salt Lake to attend General Conference.
(I haven't ever had a chance to go, either had my parents.)
I accidentally found out about the surprise before they told me, but I was super excited anyways! :D
And to add to the surprise, my boyfriend Colter, was going to come with us.
(he's never been to conference either.)
opening the surprise!

So to start out our weekend get-a-way, I drove up with Colter and his friend Ben on Friday afternoon to attend their mission reunion in Salt Lake.
They were companions in the Birmingham, England mission.

After dinner with Ben's family that we met up there, we went to the reunion. It was fun to meet all of Colter's friends and put a face to the people in his stories. His Mission President and wife were super nice, and there was just a nice spirit of camaraderie.
I imagine that's how its going to be when we all reunite in heaven after we have completed our mission here on earth.

Then I went to stay with my parents at the Little America Hotel and Colter went and stayed with Ben.

Saturday came bright and very early the next morning.
My dad, who always wants to beat the crowd, had us all ready to go to the Saturday Morning session of General Conference at 8 o'clock.
Everyone walking to conference.
I promise I'm not wearing an 1980's shoulder padded jacket, I
was cold and Colter gave me his suit coat.

But it paid off because we did seem to beat most of the crowd, although there were a lot more people there that early than what I expected.
Colter and I, along with Kathryn and Luke got our picture taken by one of those photographers outside, so watch for our picture when the Ensign comes out! ;)

The session was GREAT!
I was amazed at the massiveness of the conference center
and the reverence of all of those people when the Prophet walked in.
The speakers did fabulous and the spirit was strong. It seemed to go by a lot faster than when I have watched sessions on TV.

After our session ended, we blazed through the masses to meet our group which included my family, Colter and my Uncle Bobby, Aunt Janet and cousin McKay.

We ate at the Roof restaurant, which is on the top level of the Joseph Smith building, overlooking the Salt Lake temple.

This is the view from the restaurant

Colter then surprised me with a birthday present that I never saw coming...
a DIAMOND necklace and bracelet!
I know! DIAMOND!
I've never gotten such a "posh" (as he would say in his English lingo) gift as this present.
I feel pretty spoiled.

He is always doing such sweet things for me, I love him :D
After the surprise

We then met his sister-in-law and nieces for an afternoon at the Hoogle Zoo.
He had to leave pretty early in the evening to go stay at his friends and get some rest to wake up and drive home on Sunday to be back at work.

Me and my family had a great dinner at the hotel that night and breakfast the next morning. We spent Sunday watching conference and visiting family.

It was an AMAZING weekend and birthday present. I loved it all and I'm very blessed to have a family that loves me and would go to all this trouble to make my Birthday so special.


...that's what I need to do with my blog, is "ketchup"
on everything that has been happening lately.


Me, Rebecca Stewart, Natalie Whittier, and Dorothy Peacock outside the temple.

A couple Friday's ago, on Sept. 25th, me and some of my very best friends in the whole world went to do Baptisms for the Dead in the St. George Temple.
Not only did we get to feel the spirit and strengthen our testimonies
but we also got to "ketchup" on every one's life happenings on the drive down.

After baptisms we ate at "O.G." as we affectionately call it,
but you might know it by its formal name of the "Olive Garden."
I love hanging out with these girls. I feel like I am a better person just for knowing them
and every time we hang out I leave on a spiritual high.
You just can't feel down around them.

They all have so many talents, all very different, but I look up to each of them for their strengths. They are spiritual GIANTS and I feel blessed to call them my friends.

I know that we're going to be friends even as old ladies.
Probably still going to be eating at "O.G." and hitting on the cute waiters clear up into our eighties.

We're going to try to make these temple trips a monthly tradition.