Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Twas the night
(week) before Christmas,
when all through
the House (Library)
Not a Creature was stirring, not even a Mouse."

Work is DEAD.

I've helped one person all week long.
(okay, so I'm in the basement
where we don't get that much traffic normally, but still)

I guess no one wants to spend their Christmas vacation
in the school's library...

I don't really mind.
Gotta pay for Christmas presents somehow...

But on the brighter side,
I'm all ready for Christmas!

All my presents are bought and wrapped!
All there is left is a few deliveries and Christmas baking!

3 more Days!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Micah Turns One

My nephew, Micah, turned One Year Old today!
To celebrate, we had a joint party with both sides of his family.
All the Aunts. We just can't get enough of him :)
Birthday Kisses!
My sister came up with the cutest decorations to go along with her theme of
"Look 'WHOOO' is Turning One!"
Above is Micah's wishing tree.
We all wrote on the back of the owls one wish that we had for Micah's future.
And below are the cute, mini cupcakes she made for all of the adults to eat.
She is always worried about her creativity,
but as you can see, she shouldn't be.
She did a great job, and she did it all by herself
because everyone has been so busy these past 2 weeks.

It was a great party and the food was so super delicious!

Dear Micah, (for when you're old enough to read this)
Happy Birthday, Boonie!
I can't believe it's already been a whole year since I waited
in the hospital hallway to meet you.
I remember the first time I got to hold you.
You were a sleep in your cute, yellow preemie pajamas
(which were still too big) but you grabbed onto my pinkie
and I was instantly in love with you.
I've loved every minute that I've tended,
played, held, fed and snuggled you.
You are the only person in the world
that can make me laugh as hard as you do.
Sometimes during my day, I think of you and laugh out loud
at a memory of you exploring, or a face you've made
or even at the times where you got into mischief.
(yes, you are still super cute when you're in trouble or crying)
I'm looking forward to being able to continue
to watch you grow and learn.
Heck, you would have thought that you were my own kid after this post.
Pssh, who are we kidding?!
I love you like you were my own kid!
I love you, buddy!
Love, Aunt Nae

Friday, December 10, 2010

Finals are Finally Done!

Well, I made it!
The semester finally ended.

Not all of my classes had tests for the final,
But the three classes that did had them today.
Yup, that's right. Three finals on the last day.

This semester was surprisingly harder than I thought it would be.
The classes that I thought would be the easiest, The hardest.

Last week, the last week of classes, was one of the
hardest weeks I can remember.
Everything seemed to come tumbling around me.
I may have had more than one melt-down.

I won't know until Wednesday next week what my grades are,
but I'm just excited to have it all behind me.


Good Riddance School Work!

P.S. Here's one picture from my final photography portfolio.
(my theme was different perspectives.)
Once again, I have a new appreciation for those people with photo skills.

My dad probably won't be a fan that I posted this picture,
but it was my class's favorite one
and I wanted to give him a shout out for being such a good sport
and model for me so I could get a good grade.
Thanks Dad! Love you!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Day of Thanks

Here are some photos from our day:

We had a delicious dinner.
And yes, we had ham instead of turkey.
We color outside the lines around here.
Then we had my sister's in-laws, the Swank's, over for pie.
Micah loved having both sets of his grandparents together.
Yes, we do already have our Christmas Tree up
but it's only because we were moving furniture on Wednesday
already so we thought it would be a good opportunity.
But we haven't decorated it yet,
so we haven't jumped the gun too much.
He was too preoccupied with his toys
to take a picture with his aunt.
And to end the night with tradition,
we turned on our Christmas lights and
went for a ride around the neighborhood
to look at all the other houses.
It was a great Thanksgiving :)

Catching Up

{ Me, Jill, Dot and Quincey }

These girls are my best friends.
I wish that the rest of my
best friends could have been there.

But even though they weren't,
I had a delightful time with these three girls.

I love going out to lunch and catch up with them.
I miss seeing them everyday like it was in the old days.

Even though Jill and Dot live here in Cedar,
(that will change soon when Dot moves)
between school and work schedules,
boyfriends, and just life in general,
we don't see each other very often.
And Quincey it's even less since she lives in Provo.

But I'm glad that we all decide to take the time to
have these lunches whenever we can
so that we do stay in touch.

I'm pretty sure we'll be friends for life! :)


I have a really awesome extended family.
My dad's younger brother, my Uncle Bobby,
and his wife, Aunt Janet came to visit a few weeks ago.
While they were here, it was my Uncle Bobby's Birthday.
We celebrated by eating out, watching the Jazz
& eating some cupcakes from 25 Main.
{ These two... :) }

It was fun to see them and hang out for a while.

I always love when family come to visit :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Unusuals

So it's that time of year when everyone has the
Attitude of Gratitude.

This is my favorite time of year because of this attitude.
It has been one of my personal goals for the last year and a half
to focus on my blessings and count them,
"Count them One by One." :)

I used to post a "Thankful Thursday" every week
but I'm not that diligent in updating every Thursday.
I do still pick one blessing to focus on that week
and write it down on my "Blessings (white)Board"
but along with not being so diligent, sometimes what I pick
is a little too personal for the Internet.

So in the spirit of all this Thankfulness
I wanted to post what I'm thankful for.

Now hold up!
Before you go skipping out of my list
thinking this is going to be a boring post
of what everyone writes down,
I have a twist :)

Now, of course I am Thankful for all of my necessities such as,
My Savior
My Family
My Friends
My Job
My Education

I don't want to discount any of these!
I am Thankful beyond words for these blessings.
Without these, I wouldn't have a leg to stand on.

But I want to post on the Unusual things I'm Thankful for.
Things we take for granted.
(if you still don't want to read this, then I understand.
It is kind of a long list but I want to remember them.)

So Here's my List:
The Unusuals :)

1.) Electricity.
You don't realize how much our lives depend on having this until it goes out. My house was in the area of that recent power outage that lasted from 9am to 7pm. And of course it was on a day that I had every hour timed out to accomplish all of my tasks, most of them requiring electricity. It's a powerful thing. (pun totally intended here :) )

2.) No Electricity. Yes, I know that sounds weird to say after my first item on the list was electricity itself. Having no power was a blessing in disguise. On that day of no power, I was ready to pull my hair out with all my stress, but because there was nothing I could do to turn it back on I was forced to relax. I had a nap, I read some of my book, I did some yoga meditation. My phone also died, so I was really cut off from the outside world. And it was sooo nice.

3.) Sleep. I have been struggling lately to sleep. Last week I was averaging 2-3 hours a night. The last few nights I've averaged I think 4-5, so I'm improving. Hopefully over Thanksgiving I can be back to normal. I do try to sleep, I just seem to lie in bed for hours. It's that darn stress and pressure and anxiety. I obviously don't handle them well. I worry like a wart. (where does the expression "worry wart" come from? Like anyone wants to be called a wart.) I've had terrible nightmares and cold sweats lately and have recently lost some chunks of hair. Not to mention I'm ornery and short with people, particularly my family. Getting enough sleep does wonders to my attitude towards life.

4.) Someone to talk to. I'm the type that holds everything in, but every once in awhile I need to vent everything to someone. My sister is always good for this. So is my bestest friend, Dorothy. I am really going to miss being able to talk to both of those guys when they move; my sister to Denver and Dorothy to Utah State. I also recently unloaded a very large and serious load to my dad, probably when he wasn't fully prepared to hear everything that I had to say. But I am grateful to all of them for always listening and caring about my problems. Love you all!

5.) Memories. I think that our memories are huge blessings in our lives. I don't remember how many times that a memory of an experience or something I heard in a conference talk has been an answer to my prayers. Memories can bring joy and laughter, as well as strength when you remember a trial you've been through. At the same time, forgetting our memories can be a blessing as well so that we can have time to forgive and heal.

6.) Hugs. I think that it's impossible to feel worse after someone has given you a hug. I have a good friend, Quincey, who gives the best hugs and she always knows the times that I need them the most. I wish she wasn't so far away, I miss her loving hugs. Hugs make you feel warm, safe and loved. Who doesn't love feeling like that?

7.) Arguments. Now there is a difference between having a grown up disagreement or argument and having a fight. I hate fights. Everyone does. But I think that sometimes arguments can be blessings that we don't recognize. Disagreements push you and what you believe in. It makes you take a look at your opinions and decide what's important to you. But the key to having arguments be blessings is to have an open mind. We're not always right, so we need to recognize that sometimes we need to change our opinions.

8.) Creativity. This one has been huge for me this semester. I have had to really push myself for my photography class. I have a new appreciation for those that have creativity come to them naturally in this particular art form. But I am also thankful for my creativity in the areas that I excel in, such writing and baking.

9.) Laughter. Stephen King said, "You can't deny laughter; when it comes, it plops down in your favorite chair and stays as long as it wants." I think that is very true. You just can't deny laughter. I have this theory about laughing; that it's a little piece of your personality busting out. It shows your personality not only in what you find humorous but how it sounds when it comes out. No two people have the same laugh. It's like your vocal fingerprint.
And it makes you feel good. :)

10.) Heavenly Father's "Puzzle." I posted about this before.
(Click on the "Puzzle" to read it.)
There are so many times that I am motivated by fear. Or I guess I should say paralyzed by fear. I get scared and then I am absolutely adamant that I am going to do things my way. But slowly, Heavenly Father soften my heart enough for me to take a leap of faith. Like my new ward. I was so upset at the thought of leaving my old one and joining this one. But it has been one of the biggest blessings in my life lately. I should have this lesson of trusting in the Lord's plan down by now, but I sill struggle. Some big changes are coming for me, and I'm still scared to make that leap. But I gotta remember that I only have one piece to the puzzle.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Weekend

{ Alycia, Chelsea, Me & Dot }
Institute Halloween Dance

Luke's Birthday Dinner

Happy Birthday Luke!
Thanks for being such an awesome brother.
You're always full of good advice and reason.
Thanks for taking care of my sister.
You're a great addition to our { crazy } family.
We're all blessed to have you in our lives.
love you

Monday, October 25, 2010

October Pumpkins

Micah came to play for a little while today.
I showed him about the pumpkin I bought on Saturday.
I think he liked it. He gave it a kiss.
{ Bestest Buds }

Then for my ward's FHE we had a
Pumpkin Carving Contest.
(Sorry it's so blurry. Taken on a Camera Phone)
{ Me, Kelly & Dorothy holding our "Pumpkin, Pumpkin" }

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Class Assignment

I am NOT a photographer.
I am NOT a person who thinks they are
talented in photography at all.

I am, however, in a photography class in school.
I needed an Art credit.
I can't draw or paint
so I thought this would be my best option.

I knew that photography was hard,
but it's even harder if you aren't creative at all.
I have a new appreciation for those with this talent.

My professor is always telling me,
"You need to push through more creatively, Lynae."
So here is my attempt:
My assignment was to take portraits of people.
My favorite part is everyone's
"Little Mermaid" hair.

{ Everyone getting ready. So fun! }

{ The Models and Myself. They're the best! And so willing to help }

{ Goofs :) }

{ Jillian }

{ Dorothy }

{ Brooke }

{ Amanda }

{ Becca }
{ haha, kinda dramatic but I like it. I have BEAUTIFUL friends } Thanks to all of you guys for helping me out!
I had so much fun with you all :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I've been encouraged by my sister
quite a few times to join the movement
to participate in the
"30 Days of Blogging" Challenge.

ehh, I really didn't want to
but she wanted to hear my answers
so I emailed "Day One" to her.

Then I decided that I would post my answers
just for fun & for myself.

No, I'm not joining the movement.
I'm just doing this one post because I think
that it's the funnest out of all the
questions from the challenge.

I'm enjoying reading everyone else's
posts from this movement
but I just don't care to post
about my answers.

Oh and I'm skipping the part of the recent photo
because I just posted
the most recent pic two posts down.

So here it goes:
15 Interesting Facts about myself.
(Warning: Not that interesting.)
1- Sneezing is my favorite bodily function. It's exhilarating. When I was little and no one was around I would stick pens and pencils up my nose to make myself sneeze because it gives me such a natural high. I've also been told that I have "cute" sneezes which also adds to why it's my favorite.

2- I like to twirl. This only ever happens in the kitchen when I'm home alone. Sometimes I'll put on a twirly skirt just to make it more fun. I twirl while traveling around in a circle in the kitchen, hitting specific push off points: fridge, stove, sink, counter, repeat....

3- The one talent that I wish I had more than anything else is I wish I could sing. And I mean SING! I want to have a Whitney Houston voice and hit notes that no one else can.

4- I really do like having a clean house but my problem is getting motivated to clean. But I have been really working on keeping my spaces clean lately. I'm not perfect but I'm kinda proud of how well I've done. But as of right now I'm a little behind on my chores.

5- I love to read. I also like to discuss books with people. I wish that sometimes I had more energy to read. I know that reading doesn't take a whole lot of physical energy, but it takes me a lot of mental energy. That's why sometimes after a long day of school and homework I settle for the mindless entertainment of TV.

6- The older that I get, the more I've decided that I like caramel more than I like chocolate.

7- I'm not a big meat eater. I like chicken but not so much beef. Most of the time I have to talk myself into eating meat because thinking about what it is creeps me out. The meat I do eat MUST be super lean.

8- Since I work in a Library I try to read about something interesting everyday. Today I read about Sweden. Yesterday it was about Giant Squids. It just depends on what kind of books I'm putting back on the shelf that day.

9- I really love fresh flowers. If I was richer I would buy some every week. When I have my own home I plan to and then my children will remember how their mom always had fresh cut flowers on the kitchen table. Plus I think it would be so fun to own/work in a florist shop because you're always surrounded by a rainbow of colors. Flowers are always happy, they just make you feel good.

10- Shoes are my favorite accessory. Sometimes at large church functions like EFY or General Conference I have a hard time focusing because I'm too busy checking out everyone's shoes.

11- As I've gotten older, I've also become a crier. I used to just cry when something was wrong, but nowadays I cry over all sorts of "touching" stuff. I've cried during Project Runway, Say Yes to the Dress and anything (including commercials) that has to do with moms/kids.

12- I like to find/do things before everyone else does. Like I will love a song until it becomes really popular and then I'll really dislike it. I don't know if its because I get bored with it or because I don't want to be the same as other people. Maybe that's why I didn't want to post this on my blog. Plus, I don't want to assume that anyone would care to read this on my blog.

13- Heart Jewelry is my favorite. Not the cheap 80's style stuff, but the classy stuff. I think hearts are really pretty.

14- Even though I complain sometimes about going to college, I really enjoy learning. I think that where I'm frustrated with school is that I'm in classes that don't interest me so it all feels so monotonous. But I hope to never stop learning. When I get my teaching degree, I plan on continuing in my education but in other areas. Like possibly go to hair school, or maybe just get other degrees in areas that interest me.

15- I think about my future kids all the time. Sometimes that's my motivation for making good choices. I want them to be excited to be mine and that they will tell their friends in Heaven that they're proud they get to come down to me.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Here Comes the Sun

I heard this in Relief Society today.
I love my Ward's Relief Society.
I love Relief Society.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


{ Kyli, Me & Dot about to ride "The Turn of the Century" at Lagoon }

This past weekend
I was able to have a getaway
from the stress of school and work
with my best friend, Dorothy.

We visited her family in Manti
(and all the little towns around there),

hung out with our friend Kyli,

partied it up at Frightmares at Lagoon,

locked the keys in the car &
waited an hour and a half in the Lagoon parking lot,

watched some crazy Youtube videos
with Kyli's boyfriend's roommates

ate a lot of fast food,

bought a Charlie Brown hot chocolate mug,

had lots of deep, best friend talks,

& had an all around great time :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Have...

Thee Best:
Weekend to have a Birthday,
Close Friends,
Loving Family.

My Class was Cancelled.
I got my work shifts covered.
I had a small appointment,
but that didn't take very much time.
Then it was off to St. George with the parents
for part 1 of the Celebration.
{ Dinner @ Texas Roadhouse }
{ Then it was off to the show @ Tuacahn }

{That's right... I got Tarzan Tickets for my Birthday! }

{ Like I said, I have thee Best Family}

{ The cute couples. Someday I hope not to be the fifth wheel...}

{ The following sequences of pictures are of us taking a cute picture,
and then having our true personalities take over.}

{The show was awesome! I loved it! }

Slept In.
Got to listen to both sessions of Conference.
Stayed in sweats all day.
Played with Micah in the evening.

Sunday: My Birthday
It was a GREAT day!
Full of great food,
inspiring talks from Church Leaders,
fun family time,
birthday surprises that I wasn't expecting
& memories that I'll always remember.

{haha, the same pose we have for every family picture we ever take}

{ Instead of a cake, I chose to have an Ice Cream Bar }

Thanks to everyone that made my day special.
Especially my Family.
I love you all :)