Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Long Time Coming

"Oh, Nothing's Sweeter Than Summertime"
(& American Honey)
-Lady Antebellum

Unfortunately this is what the beginning of Summer looks like in
Cedar City.
(view from my front porch)

But that still doesn't take away the fact that
School is out for the next 4 Months!
No more homework or stressing over finals.
Summer is here
(whether Mother Nature agrees or not)
and now it's time to Celebrate!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Third Rock from the Sun

I have been waiting a whole year for this day.

Last Earth Day my family and I saw this
incredible movie!
I'm the only one that really loved it.
The rest of my family "liked it" but thought it was kinda depressing.
PSSHHH, they're CrAzY!
I loved every minute of it!
I teared up when the baby animals got lost from their families,
but then
I laughed out loud (almost too loudly)
at the swimming monkeys and dancing birds!
I highly recommend this movie.
(as you can tell)

And on the previews before Earth was this movie...


I literally have been counting down the days in my head all year.
Sad thing is that I will not be able to see it today,
which is opening day.
Ugh, stupid Thursdays.

But good news is that I will see it tomorrow
after I have readied myself with a viewing of Earth tonight.

I really am SUPER excited to see it,
almost giddy with anticipation!

As for being a responsible human being,
I could have done better being "green" today...

I ran the shower extra long
(needed extra "waking-up" ),
used hairspray out of a can,
I warmed up my car to get the frost off instead of just scraping it off,
and I left my bedroom light on all morning.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Librarians of the World Unite!

Happy National Library Week!
and today is also
National Library Worker's Day!
Yup, I get to celebrate because I work at a Library :)

So this particular Thankful Thursday is dedicated to:
The Gerald Sherratt Library
All the wonderful people that I work with everyday!

Today, work was fun,
not that it isn't everyday. ;)

We had balloons hung up all around
and posters with pictures of us,
honoring the people who work at the Library.
To be nice, the bosses waived everyone's late fee's today.
We even had homemade treats for everyone.
(in the break room upstairs, of coarse, because we all know that
food is NOT ALLOWED in a Library.)

I might not always love having to go to work, but I do LOVE my job!
It's a great blessing and I'm LUCKY to have it.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Weekend

We've been going to the St. George Art Festival
every Easter weekend since I can remember.
It's one of my favorite traditions of Spring.
This year only my sister and I (and of coarse Micah) were able to go.
So we headed down to the fantastic weather on Friday
to broaden our horizon with some art appreciation. :)

Just a small portion of all the art booths.

They always have life performers.
These are some of the strangely captivating belly dancers.
So Weird...

My Awesome photography skills
while we were trying to take a "sister" picture.

They are made at this really cute cafe in St. George called
25 Maine.
(the name is actually their address. 25 Main St.)

I had eaten their cupcakes there before but I had forgotten
how utterly delicious they are.

I got a Banana Cake and Kathryn got Coconut.
ya, COCONUT WON! hands down.

They was so good that Kathryn had to go get us a 3rd cupcake to share.

We had all the best intentions
of buying some to take home to share with family,
but we didn't think they would make it the car ride
home to Cedar uneaten.

and of coarse, Easter Weekend meant
and we actually got to attend.
Last fall was my first time attending General Conference so I
feel way blessed that I got to go again, especially so close together!

I actually took this picture from our seats.
We were sooo close!!!
Only 5 or 6 rows up from the roped off section
where all the families of the General Authorities sit.

It was a fun weekend and I enjoyed the messages of Conference.
It was a good boost to get me through these last few weeks of school.