Tuesday, August 24, 2010

25 years and counting

Happy 25th Anniversary
Mom & Dad!

{ The Lewis Family. Established August 24th, 1985 }

{ The Happy Couple Entering Their Party! }

{ Because They're the Perfect "Pear" }

{ Their Wedding Cake Cutter }

{ The Result of 25 Years of Wedded Bliss }

Monday, August 16, 2010

Big Sister

Can anyone really describe the relationship
between sisters?
I think that it is one of thee most
complicated relationships that exist.

It's full of
arguments, wrestling matches, tattle-telling
and clothes stealing.

But it's also full of
forgiveness, secret-sharing, inside jokes,
"remember when's", sleepovers, good advice,
and long phone calls.

{ Kathryn's Birthday Dinner 2010 }

Some will argue this point, but I will clearly win the debate because
I have the world's BEST sister.

During our younger years when we didn't always get along,
she always included me even when I was being a butt.
She let me tag along with her & her friends, even with her BF.
She never let me feel like 3rd wheel.
I will always remember that.

She has taught me about the gospel.
She has taught me about forgiveness.
She has taught me about endurance.
She has taught me about strength.
She's still teaching me life lessons.

Even though she doesn't need to watch out for me anymore,
(she would argue differently)
I appreciate her love and care for me.

{The BIG 23 }

But don't let her fool you.
Even though she's always looking out for me,
she knows how to dish out the teasing.

She has lovingly nicknamed me things such as:
Libber & Onions
B.T. (stands for "Big Toe")

Yes, she thinks she's quite clever at times.

But I guess it all goes along with having a Big Sister


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer Daze

4 Days until my Sister's Birthday
11 Until the Semester Starts
52 Until my 20th Birthday
105 Until the Holiday Season Begins
128 Until Micah's 1st Birthday
146 Left in 2010

I swear that this Summer has been the
fastest of my whole life!
Who am I kidding?! The whole year has!
2010 has gone by Soooo Fast!
We're already almost Mid-August!

Summer is ending and all I have to show for it is
a ton of punches on my Time Sheet
white skin from the hours I spend inside a library.

9 Days asked off out of 4 Months.

Grown Up Summers aren't near as fun as Kid Summers.
But then again, the pay check isn't too shabby...

But what is fun is spending time with my
favorite boy :)

Today is Micah's 8 Month Birthday
so we captured some memories on film.
Of coarse, it took us a while to get a good picture.

{ "Hold Up, I'm not ready" }

{ "I want to push the Button" }

{ We tipped }

{ A Little Drool Never Hurt Anyone... or Any Pillows }