Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Here am I

On Sunday, our Stake Relief Society introduced
our theme for the year,
"God Loves Me, So He Sent His Son."

The lesson was fabulous.
I'm really loving my new ward and new stake.

My Mom showed me this quote today and
I REALLY love it.

If you need a woman to rear children in righteousness,
here am I, send me.

If you need a woman who will shun vulgarity
and dress modestly and speak with dignity
and show the world how joyous it is to keep the commandments,
here am I, send me.

If you need a woman who can resist
the alluring temptations of the world by keeping
her eyes fixed on eternity,
here am I, send me.

If you need a woman of faithful steadiness,
here am I, send me.

Between now and the day that the Lord comes again,
He needs women in every family,
in every ward, in every community, in every nation
who will step forward in righteousness
and say by their words and their actions,
'Here am I, send me"
-M. Russell Ballard

God sent His son because He loves me.
I love Him,
so I want Him to be able to send me
to help others.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

First Home Football Game

"In little towns like mine that's all they got.
Newspaper clipping fill the Coffee Shops.
The old men will always think they know it all.
Young girls will dream about

The Boys of Fall."
-Kenny Chesney, "The Boys of Fall"

{ Brooke, Jill & Myself cheering on the T-Birds }

Southern Utah University vs. University of San Diego
32 to 3

Way to Go SUU!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Financial Aid

The consequences of getting so super sick last fall
and missing school have yet to
stop haunting me.

I hope that one day all this rig-a-moral will end
and school will be smooth again.

Good news is that Financial Aid
finally decided to award me my Scholarship
That's a blessing.

If it weren't for my mom,
who rocks at getting everything straightened out for me,
I would be in some major financial trouble.

(I should be a capable enough adult
to figure these things out,
but I'm not.)

{ Labor Day BBQ }

She is a master at
smoozing the financial aid office,
filing paperwork, &
helping me jump through all these hoops.

Thanks for all you do for me, Mom.
Love ya

Thursday, September 2, 2010


"Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam"
{Last Night in our Backyard}
I wish those long summer nights could last all year.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Blue Sky

"Hey, did you see that sky today?
Talk about blue."

-Kronk, from
The Emporer's New Groove

{ SUU Library's "All Seeing Eye" }

Well, we're about a week and a half into the semester.
The Verdict so far?

ehh, not too bad.
It's nice to have a new routine and
to see friends more often.
But the early mornings/late nights are killing me.

Thing I miss most about Summer?
just plain ol' hanging out time.
between work hours, class times, and homework
I miss just relaxing.
especially with Kathryn & Micah.

Hardest Class so far?
will probably be
American National Government
just because of the
reading/memorization of terms and such.
But really, my classes are pretty easy.
Or at least they seem that way now.
I probably just jinxed myself.

Favorite Class so far?
By far, my Institute Class.
Book of Mormon Sermons on the Atonement.
Ya, it is as good as it sounds!

Here's to having a successful
Fall Semester!

PS. This cute girl got a job at the "Libe" (which is short for the Library.) along with some other rad people. I was pretty excited. So the Libe is a pretty happening place now a days.

We even let people have food and drink now. I know! Pretty brave.
Just as long as you "leave no trace."
My favorite signs says, "Leave No Trace. Not in the Forest and Not in the Library."

We're not quite as clever as those BYU Librarians, but I think we're pretty funny.

PSS. I finally found a blog background that I like! hallelujah!