Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Awkward Library Moment:

When someone farts really loudly
without knowing that you're shelving books just one shelf over.
Then you make eye contact.
Gotta love the Libe

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'm Flattered

I met this cute girl, Brielle,
way back in 2006 at EFY.
We kept in touch through high school because of
FCCLA and other mutual friends.
Now she has a fabulously cute blog that I love to read.
I love that we're blog friends now :)

So imagine how flattered I was when she
left me a very nice comment and nominated me for
this fun award.
Thanks, girl! I miss you!

So to participate, the rules are:
#1: Thank the person who nominated you
#2: Share seven facts about yourself
#3: Nominate 7 new bloggers to participate.
Be sure to comment on their blog so they know they've won, too!

I've already wrote about personal facts, (read them here)
but I'll try to come up with some more.

7 Facts about Lynae:

#1: My Best Friend is a boy. Most girls don't have that. And No, we're not dating or have we ever dated. It's not like that and we prefer it that way.

#2: My sister is my biggest hero. I've always wanted to be just like her.
And she's the only one that can make me laugh really hard.
#3: I would rather hang out with my family than anyone else on the planet.
It's going to suck when we'll all be living away from each other soon.

#4: I'm a BIG Utah Jazz Fan. This is mostly contributed to my Dad. I can name everyone on the team. Go ahead, quiz me!

#5: Favorite Foods: Mary Christensen's (the CHS's foods teacher) Broccoli Cheese Soup. (man I miss it) Pineapple, Fro Cho's, Olive Garden's Fettuccine Alfredo and anything
from the Little America Hotel's Coffee Shop.
#6: I will never mass text people. I always try to personalize my texts by adding their names in it so they know that I'm sincerely talking to them. I hate mass texts. I can see their practicality in some situations, but mostly I find it to just be lazy.
#7: Dream Vacation: Little America Hotel, Salt Lake City.
It's true that I would love to travel the world and learn of new cultures.
But if I'm looking for a low-key, relaxing vacation I would choose there.
It's the best! I prefer it over the Grand America.
So now I tag the following:
My sister
(as a ploy to get her to finally update her blog)
Can't wait to read yours, girls!