Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thoughts of the Day

1) Wednesdays are hard.
-- I have to close the library on Tuesday nights. We don't close until 11pm which means that I usually don't get home until 11:20 or later depending on those last annoying people who claim that they're "almost done with my assignment, I swear!" but don't leave until 15 minutes after they're supposed to. After arriving home, I still have a few hours of homework to finish before bed. Why do Tuesday nights make Wednesdays hard? Because then I come in on Wednesdays for the opening shift of work at 8am, which is followed by a very long day of 5 classes and another 2 hour evening work shift. (today it's a 4 hour shift) This schedule has proven to be harder than I anticipated when I said that I was up for it at the beginning of the semester. But hey, I've made it this far! Only 4 more Tuesday/Wednesday combos left. I'm determined to make it!

2) I didn't know that the level of exhaustion existed (without entering motherhood) where you could fall a sleep while writing your name.
-- (see number one for explanation)

3) Heavenly Father answers prayers, no matter how little.
-- I had a quiz today in English on two short (but relatively long) stories that I didn't read. It wasn't because I was lazy and just didn't read, but there are limited hours in the day and physical limitations that sometimes can't be ignored. So I prayed. I didn't pray that we wouldn't have a quiz, I didn't pray for a group quiz, I simply prayed that I could be lucky in my guesses. I only missed 3! Heavenly Father is really good to me.

4) Besides Tuesday's dinner, I have been mainly sustaining myself on goldfish crackers.
-- I know that they hold almost no nutritional value, but they're the only things that sound good to me. I don't know if it's their slightly salty taste, "real cheddar flavor" or how they're the only snack that smiles back, but I can't get enough.

5) I keep having dreams that my family members die.
--This happens whenever people leave me. I dreamt that my sister died when she first married my brother-in-law. I dream that she dies every year around Christmas. I also dreamt that my friends Ammon (when he left on his mission) and Dorothy (when she moved to Logan) died. Now my sister and her family are moving to Denver in a month so Luke can finish his schooling and these dreams have returned, this time including Luke and my nephew Micah. I'm pretty sure that this is my subconscious preparing its self for them to leave but realizing that doesn't make the dreams any less horrific. Do I have a morbid subconscious?

6) I have a few indulgences.
-- One of them is watching the Martha Stewart Show. I only get to watch it on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and it's only an hour long so I get really irritated when I get interrupted during it. During this hour there is no multitasking going on. It is simply devoted to Martha. Hey, I know that she is an ex-con... but she makes cute crafts so I'm willing to over look her past.

-- I really enjoy reading the newspaper. I like to read it cover to cover. Sadly, my parents cancelled their subscription but I do get to read the headlines on my morning shifts at work. I like reading the news on actual paper rather than on the Internet. Maybe it's my childhood perspective remember my dad reading the paper at the counter, but there just a level of maturity that I associate with reading the pap. (pronounced "pape". ya know, like they say on the Disney movie, The Newsies.)

-- Another indulgence lately is my goldfish eating habits but we've already talked about that.

7) I LOVE General Conference.
-- Even when I was little I loved it. Mainly because it meant staying in our pajamas all day and eating countless Popsicles. But now I can actually feel my spirit hunger to hear the prophets. I'm really excited for this weekend.

8) I had more thoughts that I was going to post about but they have since left me.
-- (again, see number one for explanation)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Being Brave

Satan is sooo good at making me
second guess my decisions because of fear.
fear of failing.
fear of finances.
fear of making new friends.
fear of the unknown.
And fear of big changes.

And we all know that fear and faith can't coexist.
So I'm taking hold of the other handle.

Take that Satan!
Everything is signed, sealed and delivered!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

To Do:

I'm a "Planner."
I like to plan my life away far into my future.
This is both a blessing and a curse.

A Blessing being that I know what direction that I'm headed in life.
A Curse in that it's 4 am and I haven't been to sleep yet because
I have all these lists in my head of what I need to accomplish.
(P.S. Am I the only one that still finds the Magic Bullet Infomercial mesmerizing?)

And then there is the fact that my plan is not always
the same plan that Heavenly Father has in mind.
He is constantly trying to teach me
patience and faith in His "bigger" picture.
(read about who taught me about trusting His bigger picture here)
I hate to admit that I'm a very slow learner in this aspect.

So since it's my nature to make lists and lists of "To Do's:",
Here is a list of all the "BIG" things
that I have to accomplish before August.

1) Stay motivated to finish up this semester with good grades
and not miss any classes for the remaining weeks of school.

2) Find second job for the summer.
(I already have one in mind, so cross your fingers it works out!)

3) Take 14 credit hours of Summer School.
(which includes two Maymester classes)

4) Penny Pinch as much as possible because of
the BIGGEST "To Do:" ...

Yep, that's right. I'm moving!

Big changes are coming!
But first I've got to endure a summer that is
seriously lacking in a social life
and filled to the brim with grown up responsibilities such as
balancing school and two jobs.

But I think that it's going to be worth it. :)