Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Strange Things A Happin'n

I sincerely believe that people change late at night.
It's almost as if all reason and logic leave their brains.

Working until close on Tuesday nights at the Library,
I have seen quite a few strange things happen in those last hours of the day.

I have had to convince foreign exchange students
that we are not open all night,
using mostly just hand gestures as communication.

I have had to deal with upset patrons
who complain that we turn the lights off too early.
(Luke...haha jk)

I have caught students making out and rolling around
in "Study Rooms" and stairwells.

But none of these stories can compare to
"The Case of the Bare-Bum Bathroom-ers"
(can you tell by that title that I'm in a Detective Fiction English class this semester?)

now, they weren't really "bare-bum."
but they were in various stages of undress.

I was clearing the third floor of the Library one night around 11 pm.
I had specifically told this one table of students that we were closing now
and that they would need to pick up their stuff and leave.
While I was telling other tables of students to do the same,
apparently the first table thought it would be a fun idea
to have a photo shoot in the men's restroom.

I had seen one of the males go into the restroom so I thought that I would just have wait until he was finished (since I'm not supposed to go clear other floors until I have made sure that everyone is gone from that one). But then I realized that he was at the first table that I had warned of our closing but all of his stuff and his friends stuff were still scattered about with no one around.

Then this red-hooded head popped out of the men's restroom,
looked around suspiciously and went back inside.

A few moments later, he did this again.

I knew something was up.
Six or Seven people wouldn't just disappear
and leave all of their backpacks and papers lying around.

So, (for once) I was super brave and barged into the men's restroom,
without even knocking!

And to my total shock, there they were.
Three or four girls (with just their bras on) along with some boys,
taking pictures!

Needless to say, they got an ear full from me because,
1) I'm not very patient late at night and


I had just barely told them we were closing.
Did they think I wouldn't notice their stuff all around?

And why in the world would you pick the library to have such a fiasco? Now, I understand that the Library is a very sexy place for a photo shoot but you would think that they would pick a more private location.

I wish I could say that they got in more trouble than just a verbal lashing from me, but they didn't.
They just left the Libe without punishment.
I did report this to my supervisor,
but we didn't have any identification and
no protocol on how to handle this kind of situation. (who would?)

Silly as it might seem, I'm pretty protective of my Libe
(remember how that's short for library).

It's a lovely place and when people do crude

and disrespectful things in it, I get quite upset.
(if you were there, I'm sure that you would be surprised
at how brave I was at sticking up for myself
against the red-hooded, lookout guy that gave me a hard time)

Why do people do such odd things?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Our Easter was great!
We had a fun party with family & friends :)

We had my sister's in-laws, the Swanks, over for dinner
along with some cute girls from our singles ward.
(yes, I wrote OUR singles ward because my dad
is in the bishopric of my ward down at the college)

I'll spare ya all the details and just give you some captions along the way.

{ The Swank Sisters, Eve & Mary }

{The girls from our ward: Nicole, Julia & Kelsie }

{ Micah with his Easter Baskets }

{ Micah LOVES bubbles,
so it was only natural that the Easter Bunny bring him some...}

{...But the older "kids" soon took the bubbles over.}

{ Micah started out by rolling his eggs down the hill, but soon
decided it was funner to roll himself down instead }

{ It was super fun to share the holiday with both sides of Kathryn's family since they're moving in a matter of days and we're all trying to squeeze every second we have left with them out }

{ I promised not to post this picture on my blog of my dad and I,
but come on dad! It's so cute! }

{ Micah and I got matching bunny ears in our basket so I wanted a picture.
This one turned out better than the earlier ones when he was crying and throwing his pair down the stairs }

{ He's such a good sport.
You can tell he is barely tolerating them.
I wonder where he gets that look from. haha }

Sunday, April 24, 2011

He Lives!

Happy Easter!

Because it is Easter, I wanted to share my testimony
that I know that Jesus is the Christ.
I know that He atoned for my sins.
I know that He was resurrected.
I know that He Lives!

For more of my testimony, here is the link to my Mormon.org profile
along with a video of more testimonies from
special witnesses of our Savior.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Last Friday I was able to go see this guy,

Brian Regan.

It was SOOO fun!
We had great seats at an angle
that we were actually able to see him at.

{ I wish that I was looking at the camera in this pic.
I also wish that I hadn't have been having an awful hair day
requiring me to wear a hat }

I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.