Sunday, May 22, 2011

When it Rains, It Pours

Random and somewhat odd to be posting on the internet,
but I don't care. I wanted to remember my answer to my prayers.

I had an epiphany today.
A very (and I mean, very) simple one.
One that makes me almost embarrassed that it's taken me 20 years to figure out.

Life isn't ever supposed to get easier.
That sounds totally depressing, but it's not.

Today I was thinking to myself the old saying of, "when it rains, it pours"
meaning that stress/worries/trials never come one by one.
Everything has to pile on top of each other.

And then the still small voice of the Spirit (literally) whispered that
life isn't ever supposed to get easier.
It continually gets harder so that we can continually get stronger.

Well that was simple.
And then I was completely at ease.
I'm strong enough to handle these obstacles and
I don't need to worry about if others doubt me because He doesn't.
He gave me them for a reason.

So these before mentioned obstacles haven't been placed in my way to distract me from my plans because they're the wrong path for me to follow. It's just part of life. My fear of things going totally wrong isn't necessary because even if they do, I will have learned from them.

Even when it's the right thing to do,
Heavenly Father doesn't always make it an easy go.
He expects me to put some effort and work into my future.
But He is there to help.
Have faith and He'll work things out.

simple truths....

Friday, May 20, 2011

Too School for Cool

I seem to have this whole summer break thing

This summer I'm taking 13 credits.
6 of those credits are during Maymester.

Last week I was home alone while my whole family
was gone to Denver to move my sister.

Where was I?
Stuck in Cedar so that I wouldn't miss class.

My Daily Schedule includes:
9am- 12pm Psychology in Secondary Education
1pm- 3pm History of Utah (online)
3pm- 7pm Work
7pm-10pm Homework
10:30 pm Bedtime

My one "bright spot" in the day
is my Martha Stewart show from Noon to 1.
The day is always better with a little Martha.

And Goldfish crackers.
(I sill can't get enough of them. Goldfish Eaters Anonymous?
I think I'm going to start a group)

I have one more week of Maymester
and then it's on to a different (but still boring) schedule.
I have no social life...

I find it so strange that I'm counting down the days until summer is over
and fall starts so I start my new adventure in Provo.

Again, I'm feeling pretty

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Two Peas in a Pod

Well, they're gone.
My sister and her family have moved to Denver.

They officially left on Thursday but Blogger was down so this post
was postponed for a while.

Last Monday we had our last "Sister Day" before they left.
I really enjoyed spending some alone time with her.
We would talk and hang out quite often,
but not usually by ourselves.

We got to go out to lunch at the Olive Garden,
did some light shopping,
caught a movie at the theater,
and got dessert afterwards.

Plus, we got some good chat time in on the way down
and the way back up from St. George.
No distractions, no radio, no (well, limited) phone calls.

It's only been a few days but I already really miss her.
It's odd to go from seeing somebody almost everyday for over 20 years
(my entire life!) to only getting to talk on the phone.

I'm not sure it's completely hit me yet,
it kind of just feels like they're on vacation.

Needless to say, I was feeling pretty nostalgic.
Here are some pictures of our (very stylish) upbringing.
(yes, I even posted the awkward years)

{ No one can rock the poofy bangs like we can }

{ I have a feeling we'll own shorts like that when we're in our eighties, too }

{ Disneyland- a love we both share }

{ Girls Camp }

{ We both hated how our mom made us wear those hats to deliver
Christmas gifts to the neighborhood }

{ Her winning CHS Homecoming Queen }

{ Her High School and Seminary Graduation '05 }

{ Her (I think) 18th Birthday }

{ Morning of my 16th Birthday }

{ My Girls State Graduation }

{ Summer 2008 -despite what the date on the pic says }

{ Thanksgiving 2008- blurry phone pic }

{ My 18th Birthday }

{ My 18th Birthday }

{ Her baby shower- 2009 }

{ Her baby shower- 2009 }

{ Her College Graduation- 2010 }

{ Her Birthday- 2010 }

{ My Birthday at Tuachan-2010 }

While I was looking through old photos, I came across these two gems
and thought that they would be perfect to broadcast across the internet
for the whole world to see.

I literally heckled out loud for a good 30 min at this photo

Now, I know that I look nerdy too, but really?
Take a gander at those socks and sandals!
The best part- those orange shorts hiked up to
Steve Urkle status.

I love you, Kathryn!

Just call us the Style Sisters :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

End of the Semester Goodbyes

{ Back row: Katherine Burr, Annalies Keate, Liz Fischer,
Katie Seamons & Jaycee Franklin.
Front Row: Tara Allen, Me, & Brooke Borrowman }

This last Sunday was my last to serve
in one of the Relief Society Presidencies in my singles ward.
(We have so many Sisters that they had two presidencies)

This last Sunday was one of my favorites of this entire school year.
As I listened to these girls bare their testimonies I felt such a surge of love for them.

I have been privileged enough to work among
some of the most elect daughters of our Heavenly Father.

It wasn't always easy, we had our fare share of struggles between working out everyone's busy student schedules and communicating but I can honestly say that I loved every minute of serving with these girls.

I know that we all did our best to provide and serve the girls in our ward
the way that Heavenly Father would want us to.

I'm going to miss working with them.