Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nothing New


I have none of it.

I paid my Summer School and Maymester Tuition yesterday
which basically drained my account (and my soul).

(Scholarships and student loans don't work in the summer.
Did you know that? And I don't qualify for grants because my parents earn too much. Which I don't understand because I'm the one going to school
and not earning enough, not them. psh.. government...)

But my beloved job working in the Libe
has been kind enough to offer me basically all the
hours they can afford to give me.

What a blessing that Libe is.

Other Blessings?
Parents that help pay for everything else that I need in my life
loan me money all the time.

They also bless me with trips to see my sister.

That's right, I'm going to be able to visit her and her family

over the Fourth of July weekend!
I cannot tell you how excited I am about this!

Their move has been super hard for me.

I might sound like a clingy nerd but I call her basically everyday.
Multiple times a day.
I can't help it. She's my best friend.

Not to mention that I'll get to hang out with Micah, my nephew.
Did you know that that little bumb can shake his "tail feather" now?
I feel like I have missed a major milestone....

Other than that, there is nothing new lately...
just trudging along with my school work.

Is it July yet?