Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

{ Me- the Black-Eyed "P", Gwen- Corps Bride, Leon- "Black Mail", Alex- the Pumpkin }

Monday, October 24, 2011


catch-up time.
These pictures are kinda old because my computer decided
that it doesn't want to read my card anymore
so I had to find an alternative way to upload...

First thing is First...

(not technically in october....)
I had a grand old plan that I would take lots of pictures of
the Homecoming activities but that didn't really happen.
Basically all I have are these two of Dorothy and I at the game.
Yes, we did sit in the nose bleeds because it was so packed
but I still had a wonderful time :)

Conference Weekend/My 21st Birthday.

I got to go home that weekend to see my family which was my favorite present of all. Kathryn and Micah flew in from Denver, making my bday even more special.
I have the best family and they spoiled me rotten.
I'm super blessed :)
and now I'm super old...

{he's such a good little helper...}

{weird lighting... but fun memory}

Other life happenings:

Fall Break: a relaxing, wonderful time this last weekend hanging out with my parents- at the price of enduring the longest drive of my life. But it was well worth it since I most likely won't be back until Christmas. (Thanksgiving in Denver in less than a month!)

School: Still going great! I have hit a small wall when it comes to being motivated with homework. This seems to happen to me every mid-semester. Hopefully it'll be over soon. But for the most part, I'm still loving classes and I'm happy to report that Carol (my sewing machine) and I are getting along quite nicely. No sewn fingers yet.

IWA (Institute Women's Association): AH-MAZ-ING! Honestly, one of my biggest highlights of my week. I really love the activities and the new friends I've made.

Work: paying the bills. well, kind of... thank goodness for parents. I'm still learning the ropes but I feel like things are going good. I wish that I was more technology savvy like my co-workers. Most of the time their tech-talk is over my head and I just smile and nod. I think that I embarrassed myself when I told them what system I still used at on my laptop because they acted like I was in the stone age. Well, I would be embarrassed if I knew any better but I don' I'm not. I say, as long as it still works, it's all good.

My Ward: lovely. It's just a great, happy place with great, happy people. :)

And now I will share with you my very originally designed pumpkin from tonight's FHE.

So that's it...
Not a whole lot going on other than everyday life.
But what a lovely life it is :)