Sunday, March 25, 2012

Disney Wisdom

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Disney gives the best advice. Period.

Spring Break

so I should probably blog about Spring Break since it has been over for a while now...

My parents surprised me at Christmas with a trip to see my sister in Denver for Spring Break.
I wish that I had a ton of pictures to post but... I don't.
I honestly didn't think about taking any until like the last day,
which is a shame because we did so many fun things.

I guess I was too busy chasing cute, little Micah (who is everywhere these days)
and laughing with my sister to care about pictures.
oh, well. I'll have to be better next trip.

But just know that I had thee most wonderful time with my family
and enjoyed every minute of it.

I did manage to snap one picture on the first day I was there.
This is the handsome face that I got to wake up next to every morning.
*sigh* I miss our morning routine of breakfast, followed by dancing to The Princess & The Frog.
He's a good little dance partner. :)