Tuesday, May 29, 2012



{ the one and only picture with Mickey and it's blurry. Boo.}

My fist time into Disneyland happened when I was just 6 months old
 (before you think my parents were crazy, they did have a 3 year old as well)
so you best believe that I have been indoctrinated with the love of Disneyland from a young age.

Kathryn and I did our best with Luke, but we without doubt have converted Micah.

 If you couldn't tell, we had the time of our lives :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012


A couple of weeks ago I met my family at the good ole' Little America Hotel in downtown SLC
to celebrate my Dad's birthday and Mother's day.

The weekend was made even better since Kathryn and Micah 
were able to fly in for the occasion.

and sooooo, here are the happenings...
just a little hotel swimming,
city creek shopping,
snow cone eating
& Temple Square visiting

 We had to make a quick trip back up to Logan because I was moving apartments that weekend,
so we stopped at "Mo' Bettah' Steaks" for their GIANT Snow Cones.
They were Delicious! Not to mention the size of our heads, and those were the smalls!

Tomorrow we leave for DISNEYLAND!!! I'm SO excited that I doubt I'll sleep tonight.
Stay Tuned! :)