Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Stuffed Full

Stuffed full of Thanks, that is.

We have a Thanksgiving tradition based around THIS poem.
Every year we place 5 kernels of candy corn on our plates and say one thing 
we have been thankful for that year, per kernel.

My extended family came down for Thanksgiving this year. This is a bad picture because the battery on the camera was dying and we only had one go at it. L to R: Back Row- Jon, Me, Mom, Dad, Andy. Front Row- Aunt Janet, Uncle Bob, Ryan and McKay


Although there are many more things than just 5, here is my list that I'm thankful for.

1.) The Gospel.
IT. IS. TRUE. Simple as that. 
It brings more happiness into my life than anything else.
I know that my Savior lives and that He knows and loves me. 
He makes me complete and completes my happiness.
(here are pictures of my beloved EFY kiddos, who I had the pleasure of learning from this summer.)

2.) My Family.  
Need I say more?
There are no words to express what I feel for them.
And I'm grateful that mine is forever.
Luke (not pictured) is included in this as being the best brother-in-law, EVER!

3.) My Friends and Roommates.
These are the bestest people I know.
They have shaped me to who I am today.
Because of them, I have been "changed for good."

4.) School. 
Even though at this point in the semester I am soooo burned out of school it's ridiculous, I am still grateful for it. 
Utah State and Logan have become my little niche. I feel like a belong here. I loooooooove it here!

5.) My Job.
I have been seriously blessed to have an on-campus job, with some of thee most awesome, 
flexible, understanding bosses around. And the money isn't too shabby either.

Farmer's Market

 I forgot all about these pictures that I took one Saturday morning back in August.
This was at the Farmer's Market that happens every weekend in the summer in Logan.
*sigh* I miss summer. And those peaches that I bought...daaaaannnngggg they were good!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Swanky Affair to Remember

Our neighbor and really good friend, Mandi, turned the big 2-1 yesterday.
We had to do it up right, being the big milestone that it is.
We decided to have a swanky, roaring 20's (or should I say 21's) party.

We baked.We decorated.We dressed up.
(everyone wore black and white, expect the birthday girl, who wore red)
We took (a bazillion!) pictures.
 We had a wonderful time!


Pictures with the Birthday Girl! 

"The slow curve. Works every time."
Ha! name that movie


   We called Alyssa because we missed her so much!

Don't worry, even though she is legal now, we only had sparkling apple juice.


I hope you had a memorable 21st :)
love ya!