Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jan. 2013

Ok, this has been a big month for me and this is a recap post, so if you don't read it, no hard feelings.

 One time, I GOT CAR-JACKED! or was it Kidnapped?
I don't know how to classify it exactly, but you can read the whole story HERE.
That was a pretty big thing that happened to me in January.
Here are the rest of the little things that happened to me.

Over Christmas break I was finally able to join the rest of the civilized world living in the 21st century, because my lovely parents surprised me with an iPhone5. As cliche as it sounds, it really does change your life. I didn't even have a smart phone prior to the iPhone but I seriously don't know how I lived without it. I guess I have conformed to be one of those Apple snobs. (but not really because I have no idea what I'm really doing on my phone. But can I just say, all jokes aside, that autocorrect really is a b*tch. I've embarrassed myself more with that in this first, short month I've had it, than in all my years owning a cell phone)

Back to the point of me finally joining ranks with the rest of my generation. Yes, I now have an Instagram. Yes, I am aware of how cliche, vain, narcissistic, and silly it is. And yes, I'm loving every minute of it.
Here are just a few of my very artistic, filtered, and hashtaged pics from January.
Just so you can see how fun and exciting my college life is :) it's ok. you can be "totes jelly"

1) My first time eating sushi on New Years Eve in Vegas. 2) Downton Abby Season 3 dress up party. 3) Shellac Nails. (We might get cancer from the UV rays, but that's just the price of beauty that us girls have to pay.) 4) Back to work in the Libe (that's the Library, for any of you newbies to this blog.) 5) Air Mattress surfing/sledding down Old Main Hill. 6) Our apartment's good friend, Enrique, cooking us dinner. 7) SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL! Stayed with my best friends/roomies, Tori and Alyssa, and had a wonderful time celeb stalking around Park City.  
8) Last night, about to hit the town on a Friday night.

Ok, and there is another vice that I now am obsessed with, 
along with all my roomies and friends, and that is..... SNAPCHAT.

Seriously, best invention, ever! That is, if you use it responsibly.
The deal with Snapchat is, is that you take a picture and send it to your friends but they can only see it for about 3-10 seconds before it disappears and no one can ever see it again.
   (I know what you're thinking...sexting tool, right? well not if you're in my group of friends.)
Most of the time we just send pictures of the ugliest faces we can make of ourselves.
HA, and my friends can come up with some of the best Snapchats. EVER!
Here are some of my own, that only I can save since I sent them.

(Alyssa got her mission call, She's going to Guatemala City, Guatemala. YAY!)

Other than what is above, school, work and homework, not much has happened.
(oh yeah, there was a brief stint spent with a certain boy. But don't you worry,
my popularity in the "Friend Zone" always prevails. If you need a friend, I'm your gal!!!)

ummm... yeah and that was my January.

What else can I tell you???
I discovered a love for hummus and carrots. Meaning that, I love those things separately, but thanks to my friend/neighbor Jill, I discovered a new love for carrots dipped in hummus.

ummm, what else....oh and check out the show "Catfish" on MTV.
ADDICTING. and Fascinating. and Creepy. but Fascinating.

I'm done now.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

"I'm Feeling Twenty Twooooo!"

Twenty Two Credit Hours, that is.
Yes, I said TWENTY TWO.
Pretty sure that's not what T.Swift meant when she wrote those lyrics.

Because of some special circumstances, my school load this semester is a wee bit out of control.
I have a couple of classes that will be particularly hard for me (I hate chemistry with burning passion), 
but most of them won't be too bad, just a lot of work to do.

I have always been a good student. Okay, I've always been an mediocre student, meaning that I have always been able to get good grades (with the exception of any chemistry class) without having to put forth massive amounts of effort.
 So, I guess there could be an argument that I really am a good student, since I achieve good grades with the smallest effort exerted, and that it is just my study methods that are mediocre... yeah... I like that better. Anyway, the point is, school has always come easy to me, allowing me to perfect my procrastination skills to Master Level. 

I did do better at disciplining myself, procrastination wise, last semester. 
But if I thought last semester was rough, this one will take the cake.
I must learn to adapt a strict study life or I will be crushed by my mound of 3-inch wide textbooks, 
or drown in a sea of never ending bolts of fabric. 
(I am a FCSE major, peeps. The fabric ish is a real possibility.)

Add 20 hours of work per week, the little bity baby social life I hope to have, and this girl probably won't be around on this here blog very often. But I shall try to upload as much as I can, ya know so that you devote readers
(thanks mom and dad) will be able to keep up on my life. ;)

I don't want this post to come off as a downer or that I am a complainer.
I truly am happy to be back up here in Logan at school and with my best friends.
Sometimes the best times of your life are during the hardest parts of the climb and
I'm looking forward to this next part of my hike.

Here is a preview of coming attractions this semester:
Look forward to these babies because they are going to be my motivation to endure to the end
  1. Sundance Film Festival with my besties/roomies in Park City.
  2. Sewing a pant suit for my Advanced Sewing class. made out of wool. HA! look forward to that beaut.
  3. SPRING BREAK IN DISNEYLAND!!!!!! no big deal.
  4. EFY Training! Not sure when this is going down, but I already love the peeps I get to work with, so you know it's gonna be a good time.
There. Just a few big things I get to look forward to.
And so we begin again.... 
2013, you're gonna be my lucky year!

ps. if everyone could pray for warmer weather, that would be great. 
Trekking to 7:30am class in this crap is really kicking my trash.
 (photo source)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Nothin's Sweeter than Summertime...

I just got off the phone with the head-honchos of the EFY program. I'm going to be a 
counselor for a second summer in a row, but this time as a BC!!! This is BIG news peeps!

BC stands for "Building Counselor." Basically, I'll be the counselor's counselor. 
I'll be a part of a set team of coordinators and BCs that will travel and work together for 8 weeks during the summer.

I honestly didn't think that I got the job because, 1- I didn't think my Skype interview went all that well. Curse my apartment's slow Internet connection. And 2- They took so long to notify me. A bunch of my EFY friends had posted weeks ago that they had been hired. I was really discouraged about it and kind of dreading having to hear the words that I didn't get it. When they told me they DID want to hire me, I freaked! Good thing this time we weren't skyping so they'd couldn't see it.

I'm feeling really blessed. EFY is such an unique, intense, life changing, tiring, stressful, and wonderful experience. From the new friendships that will be made, to the new lessons I'll learn and stronger testimony of our Savior I will gain, I seriously cannot wait for all of the new experiences this opportunity will bring.

And that includes new traveling experiences. I've been assigned a couple of weeks in
 Provo, Minnesota, Georgia, Ohio, and good old Cedar City.

My life is going to be on social and spiritual steroids this summer. 
And I wouldn't have it any other way! :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Family Pictures

done by the talented and lovely Lori Shirley.

sometimes I'm the Khloe Kardashian of my family...