Tuesday, March 19, 2013

THEE Update

Well, it's been a while.... a long while.... and I'll tell you why.
Life is Hard!
Health problems are hard. "Friends" are hard. Dating is hard. School is hard. Working is hard. 
I haven't been kicked to the curb so hard as I was by February in a loooonnnngggg time!
and I was kicked multiple times...

But good news is, things were looking up enough for me to take a vaca and head to sunny Southern California for 
Spring Break with some of my best friends to get our Beach and Disneyland on.
Disclaimer: most pics were taken with phones. ignore the poor quality.

Beach Day
"Beach, Beach...Let's Go Get Away!"


Disney Day 1

 {Mandi, Me, Jill, Alyssa, Jordan, Karlee}

Disney Day 2 
So, remember that Vertigo issue I was/am having? 
Day 1 kind of did me in on the dizziness, so Day 2 we got me a wheelchair. Annoying part (well for everyone else) is that they had to push me everywhere we went. Beneficial part was that we got to the front of a TON of rides. 
So hopefully it evened out for everyone.

 Such a great trip! I had sooooo much fun!
Until next time, Disneyland!