Friday, May 17, 2013

We Are Family

Well, here it is.
The cliche post about how much I love my roommates.
You knew it was coming....

Call me a cliche sap, but I can't help it. 
They've changed my life, so you're gonna hear about them. :)

There are some other best friends that have made a huge difference in me surviving this last semester, namely Dorothy, Jill, Mandi, and Sam, but this post I would like to dedicate to the girls who had to put up with me and my craziness 24/7 in our tiny little abode, Stoneleigh #3.

These girls are some of the best blessings I have ever received, 
and because of them I have made it through one of the hardest years of my life.

and yes, we did go take "family" pictures together.
cheesy, I know, but I love it.
& I know you do too.

or as we affectionately call her,

Her nickname might suggest that she is scattered, but she is the most grounded, solid girl that I know. We have developed such a strong friendship this year that we've described it as being "fiercely loyal" to each other. 
If anyone has my back, this girl does, and I have hers. 

I've never known someone like Tori, who loves people so purely, 
or who has such a solid foundation of faith to see past all of the crap that happens in life. 
She has a gift of seeing people exactly for who they are, and then loving them straight to the core.  

This girl is a rock. 
And I mean that in every sense. 
Seriously, one of the best examples of someone who overcomes adversity and makes the best of the situation. 
Plus, she is a rock star in the Theater Department, winning all sorts of scholarships and awards, not to mention grabbing every roll she ever auditions for. 
Talented? EXTREMELY.

Wait and see, this girl will be famous one day... 
but I have no doubt that she'll always remain true to her lovable, solid, beautiful self. 

{Signature "Girls of Apartment #3" Pose}

...uhhh... oh yeah. We can't come up with a nickname for her...
{ps. We're Guate(mala) Squatting in the picture above. This girl brings out my silly side} 
(She leaves to serve an LDS mission in Guatemala at the end of May)

She might not have a nickname, but there are several words/phrases that are synonymous with her name, such as: 
One of a Kind, Center of Attention, Talented, Brave, Fun Loving, Thoughtful, Artistic,
Service Oriented, Faithful, and the list could go on and on....

 If I could pick a motto that Alyssa lives by, it would be "GO BIG, OR GO HOME!" 
She gives 110% into everything that she does, no matter the size of the task. 
She utilizes every hour of the day and often accomplishes more in 24 hours 
than I can even think about doing in half the time.

She has one of the biggest and most giving hearts that I know of. 
She is consistently and continually serving everyone around her and by doing so, changes the lives of everyone that she comes in contact with, including me, as she has changed my life forever.

The biggest lesson that I have learned from her is to be brave. 
To be brave in going out of my way to serve others, to meet new people, to try new things, 
and to share the gospel where ever I go.

(said like a monster truck rally announcer)

Jessica has one of the purest hearts of any woman that I know. 
If there is anyone that truly understands the divinity and sacredness that comes from being a woman, 
it is this girl, and it shows by how she lives her testimony everyday.
And she LIVES it! She stands her ground and is immovable in her convictions.

She is a true nurturer and lover of learning, which is apparent through her patient, giving nature 
that she has shown not only to us roommies, but also to the kids that she tutors/teaches.

Jessica has shown me how faith and true discipleship are in the details. 
Everyday decisions make a difference. 
Hard work pays off.
Positivity can change your world.

annnnddddddd there is not a bad enough day that can't be fixed with a little ice cream,
 and an old Cary Grant movie..... *sigh* (mutual old man crush)

but you may call her any of the following:
Brindalynn, BBB, or Brindalynn Ballerina

If I could only use one word to describe Brindalynn, it would be "Smile."
She always has one on, even on the worst days, and hers is contagious to everyone around her.
If her smile doesn't get you, her laugh will. She is a genuinely happy person to be around.

If you ever have a problem, Brinley is there to listen.

Classic example of brains and beauty.
She will be starting her Masters degree soon and she's 20 years old. 20, people!!!
So obviously you should already know then that she's a hard worker, 
as well as very thought out, planned, and organized. 

She gives me motivation to set high goals and to work hard to achieve them. 

Plus, this girl can dance circles around anyone on the Wii. I dare you to challenge her.

Welp, there you go.
The women of Stoneleigh #3.
You won't find any better anywhere you go.

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