Saturday, August 17, 2013

Summer 2013

Hello there, Blog World.

Long, looooonnnnggg time, no see. And I'll tell you why...
I have been traveling the country for the past few months being a Building Counselor for EFY.

No one quite understands what EFY entails unless you yourself have experienced it.
I won't try to detail everything that happened this summer because 
 1- It's too hard to explain, 
& 2- How boring for you to read. (for the few that do read this blog)
Just know that there was a lot of growth, fun, laughs, tears, late nights/early mornings, and memories made.
& yes, one eye patch.

Living out of a carry-on suitcase in a new city every week for the past 12 weeks 
has made for a very interesting, fantastic, tiring, rewarding summer.
Possibly one of my most favoritest summers of my life, and I can tell you the exact reason why...
the people I spent those crazy weeks with.

They are the reason that I would do it all over again tomorrow 
(even as exhausted as I am) in a heart beat.

Meet the "Famori"

{Sean, Jake, Me, Makensey, Jake, Samantha, Erin, Jessie, Ammon}

Basically working 24/7 together, they became my summer family.

Here are some more pictures of the adventures I had:


P.S. I'm having an Identity Crisis

So you may be wondering why my name has changed to "Lynae BAE". Well, long story short, I am one of those people that develop a nickname late in life. For a while, I was at a loss as to what to go by. My college friends in Logan, as well as the majority of EFY-ers know me as Bae. My family and high school friends have always known me as Lynae or even Nae.

There were many challenges this summer between these two names: running into people who don't know you by your new nickname, or having new friends not know you by your real name. Often times people thought that Bae and Lynae were two different people.

My solution: to embrace my new given nickname and change my blog to Lynae Bae. (much to my mother's disliking. "Peolple actually think I named you 'Lynae BAE'" Ha, sorry Mom.)
There. The Best of both worlds.

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